Cavabianca Raisins

Nutritional Benefits of Raisins

  • Ideal for athletes due to the amount of sugars contained, raisins are extremely energizing.
  • Raisins have low content of calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol.
  • Due to their diuretic properties, they help to eliminate liquids from the body, an ideal quality for people suffering from fluid retention.
  • Antioxidant properties, the human cells will remain always young.
  • They maintain the entire organism working properly thanks to their high potassium content.
  • They prevent the development of cramps.
  • They help to loose weight thanks to their high fiber content. Similarly, eating raisins habitually helps to regulate bowel transit.
  • They improve the circulatory system, reducing the risk of suffering from heart disease.
  • Due to their high content of vitamin B, raisins are an ideal food product for people who tend to suffer from depression, anxiety and irritability.
  • Due to their high iron content, they contribute to treatments for anemia.
  • Raisins are known to stimulate libido and cause sexual awakening, mainly due to the presence of an amino acid called arginine, which is beneficial in erectile dysfunction treatments.
  • Raisins are a good source of potassium and magnesium (two of the most popular components of antacids), and both of them are highly efficient in reducing blood acidity.


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