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Welcome to Cavabianca

Welcome to Cavabianca
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Cavabianca is a family-owned agro-industrial company, which produces, manufactures and distributes raisins. It is located in the Province of San Juan, perched at the foot of the Andes; 1,000 meters above sea level.

It enjoys a "desert-continental" microclimate that creates special conditions for cultivating and drying raisins. Our cultivated estates are irrigated with meltwater from the mountain range, by means of an artificial channel network and a drip irrigation system, obtaining a fruit of the highest quality and purity.

The benign climate, with low precipitation, allows drying the raisins naturally, under the action of the sun and the air. This, together with the dedication and utmost care of the personnel, led to the achievement of great prestige in the international markets it supplies: USA, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay, China, Singapore and Costa Rica; due to its quality, taste and color, all of these backed up by years of hard work and dedication.

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