Cavabianca Raisins

Our Raw Materials

Seedless Raisins

  • Flame Seedless
  • Thompson Seedless (Sultanina)
  • Superior Seedless
  • Fiesta Seedless
  • Arizul Seedless (351)

Seeded Raisins

  • Moscatel
  • Cereza


The entire process is performed under strict controls of quality and hygiene.

The process has been audited and certified by SGS International. Our plant and the whole process are HACCP certified.

Humidity can also be adjusted to satisfy the requirements of our clients, but the typical humidity is 17.

We export different varieties of raisins in their various sizes:

Jumbo 12+ mm

Medium 9 - 12 mm

Small 5 - 9 mm

Excellence in Raisins in San Juan, Argentina