Cavabianca Raisins

1. Harvest and Drying

After a careful selection from the vineyard, once they have reached optimum maturity and undergone the appropriate phytosanitary control, the grapes are harvested and carefully deposited by hand at open dryers under the burning sun of San Juan, on plastic trays in natural rock hills; and together with the high temperatures, low humidity and warm winds, a totally natural raisin is obtained without resorting to color aggregates or preservatives.

No chemical treatments are used. Once dried, the fruits are picked up by hand with the same care and they are stored in bins to transport them to the processing plant.

2. Elaboration

The process continues at the industrial plant. The state-of-the-art production line is completed with cutting edge technology and stainless steel machinery.

Here, the following processes are performed:

  • Stripping.
  • Selection by size.
  • Washing.
  • Drying.
  • Polishing with hydrogenated sunflower oil.
  • Final selection at inspection line.
  • Packing.

3. Selection

It is performed at a visual inspection line.

Afterwards, the products are scanned through a metal detector.

4. Packing

Our products are packed complying with the different market requirements, in 10 kg cardboard boxes.

The packages containing our products have all nutritional information in the language of the country of destination.